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07. June 2011

Brightest Day

After Blackest Night arrives Brightest Day! The Saga continues....

Just added the First Issues....

Brightest Day Issue 1 of 6

Brightest Day Issue 2 of 6




04. June 2011

Final Crisis is here!

Added the Final Crisis Saga!

Final Crisis (Contains Final Crisis 1-7, Final Crisis Submit and Final Crisis - Superman Beyond)




02. June 2011

Countdown to Final Crisis!

Latest added comics: Countdown to Final Crisis. Prepare for THE Event! Final Crisis is coming. Enjoy the Countdown which prepares yourself perfectly to the coming Final Crisis!

Countdown to Final Crisis 6
Countdown to Final Crisis 5
Countdown to Final Crisis 4
Countdown to Final Crisis 3
Countdown to Final Crisis 2
Countdown to Final Crisis 1

Countdown to Final Crisis ARENA

And ofcourse the dramatic Story with Adam Strange, Hawkman, Comet and others:
Final Crisis - Rann / Thanagar Holy War





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