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FINAL CRISIS: Tod eines Kriegsgottes / Ticket nach Blüdhaven / Erkenne das Böse / Superman Beyond, Teil 1 / Superman Beyond, Teil 2 / Gib auf / Darkseid spricht / In das Vergessen / Wie man die Erde tötet / Neuer Himmel, neue Erde

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Serie: Mixed
Number: Final Crisis
Date: 2009
Publishing House: DC Comics
Publisher: Panini Comics
Hardcover: No
Variant Cover: No
Cover Status: ok
My price in US$: 27,20
ISBN: 9783862010011
Actual condition: 1 (sehr gut)
Reprint: Yes
US Original: FInal Crisis 1: D.O.A. - The God of War / Final Crisis 2: Ticket to Blüdhaven / Final Crisis 3: Know Evil / Supermany Beyond 1: Superman Beyond / Superman Beyond 2: Superman Beyond / Final Crisis - Submit 1: Submit / Final Crisis 4: Darkseid Says / Final Crisis 5: Into Oblivion / Final Crisis 6: How to Murder the Earth / Final Crisis 7: New Heaven, New Earth
US Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
US Date: 07/2008, 08/2008, 09/2008, 10/2008, 12/2008, 03/2009
Writer: Grant Morrison
Painter: J.G. Jones, Doug Mahnke, Matthew Clark, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Marco Rudy
Inker: Christian Alamy, Rodney Ramos, Tom Nguyen, Don Geraci, Derek Fridolfs, Norm Rapmund, Rob Hunter, Don Ho
Colors: Alex Sinclair, David Baron, Richard Horie, Tanya Horie
Box: 15
Language: german
Notes: 419195722495601

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