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Countdown zur Final Crisis 5 - Band 2 von 6: Systemversagen / Noch ein Chaos / Kleine Wunder / Gehe nicht über Start / Hölle Voraus / Verbotene Frucht / Magical Mystery Tour / Mädchen wollen einfach nur spielen / Suche nach Antworten

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Serie: Mixed
Number: 2 von 6
Date: 05/2008
Publishing House: DC Comics
Publisher: Panini Comics
Hardcover: No
Variant Cover: No
Cover Status: ok
My price in US$: 22,10
ISBN: 419770171995202
Actual condition: 1 (sehr gut)
Reprint: Yes
US Original: Countdown 42: Shock to the System / Countdown 41: Another Fine Mess / Countdown 40: Small Wonder / Countdown 39: Do not Pass Go / Countdown 38: All Hell! / Countdown 37: Forbitten Fruit / Countdown 36: Magical Mystery Tour / Countdown 35: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Countdown 34: Searching for Answers
US Number: 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34
US Date: 07/2007, 08/2007, 09/2007
Writer: Paul Dini, Sean KcKeever, Tony Bedard, Adam Beechen, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Painter: Carlos Magno, Denis Calero, Keith Giffen, Manuel Garcia, Jim Calafiore, Jesus Saiz, David Lopez, Mike Norton
Inker: Mark McKenna, Jay Leisten, Jimmy Palmiotti, Don Hillsmann II, Rod Ramos, Jack Purcell
Colors: Rod Reis, Guy Major, Tom Chu, Peter Pantazis, Alex Bleyaert
Box: 15
Language: german

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