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21. February 2011

Reached over 800 Comics!!!!

Jups, over 800 comics in the Database. Added some X-Men Issues (Messiah-Complex Saga, search for: 'messiah' in simple search) and the complete Story of

Identity Crisis Saga:
Identity Crisis 1
Identity Crisis 2
Identity Crisis 3
Identity Crisis 4
Identity Crisis 5
Identity Crisis 6
Identity Crisis 7
Identity Crisis Flash Special

Infinite Crisis Saga:
Infinite Crisis Countdown
Infinite Crisis

Blackest Night Saga:
Blackest Night 1
Blackest Night 2
Blackest Night 3
Blackest Night 4
Blackest Night 5
Blackest Night 6
Blackest Night 7
Blackest Night 8
Blackest Night Sonderband 1
Blackest Night Sonderband 2
Blackest Night Sonderband 3
Blackest Night Sonderband 4





04. February 2011

Some rare Comics added!

Added an Issue of "Batman and the Outsiders" (from 1984), a Stan Lee & Jack Kirby Comic (Sgt. Fury and his howling Commando, 1981) under "Mixed" and the

Green Lantern - Green Arrow Crossover Book 1
Green Lantern - Green Arrow Crossover Book 2
Green Lantern - Green Arrow Crossover Book 3

from 1983!

Enjoy the stuff...!




22. January 2011

Added 21 Records!

Yep, after the short break I'm back again! Added 21 new comics, lotsa of them original ones (in english)! Added Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Avengers, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Wolverine and some Elseworld's Issues.

I also changed the Size of the Covers. Now the Covers are available in 600pixels width (before 400pixel). The faster Internet-Connections these days makes it possible.





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